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The Refreshing Life

Freshness For Ever


The Refreshing Life

Making Clean Water an Affordable Reality

Absolute Purity

Every Drop Is Rejuvenating and Every Sip Invigorating

Vigorous Vitality

Clean Water – Healthy Environment – Healthier Society

Excellent Customer Service

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On-Site Delivery

We Bring High Quality, Crystal Clear Water to You

The Refreshing Life


The Refreshing Life


The Refreshing Life


Immaculate Packaging

Available in Plastic Cups, Bottles, and Large Cans
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About Us

Welcome to Eccospark – where every day we are giving a healthier lifestyle to millions of families across the globe!

Understanding that not everyone is privileged enough to get hands on pure drinking water, Eccospark has taken up revolutionary measures to ensure every child, family and adult all over India is provided with crystal clear and 100 percent pure drinking water with healthy natural minerals, and absolutely no chemicals and hazardous substance. Our certifications of Bureau of Indian Standards, ISO and HACCP International prove our credibility and commitment towards the cause.

At Eccospark, we envision an India where pure drinking water is made affordable accessible to everyone.


Our Standards

Internationally recognized process for water purification and a commitment towards giving people the purest form of drinking water!

Being the leader in the industry, Eccospark works on international standards of producing quality water. We follow nature to give you naturally clean and crystal clear water. From the production to distribution, we ensure that the quality of our water is not compromised.

Being an ISO, Bureau of Indian Standards and HACCP International certified company, Eccospark believes in offering consumers a better living standard through its high quality mineral water that is available throughout the country at affordable rates.



Healthy drinking water is no longer a luxury with Eccospark but a right of every citizen!

Our entire water producing process is free of any chemicals and hazardous chemicals unlike most water manufacturers. We follow the path of nature to provide you with clean and 100 percent pure water.

At Eccospark, we have the technology, management and commitment to deliver our best in the most convenient manner. For us, providing healthy drinking water is not a business but a commitment to our fellow countrymen. No more diseases! No more struggles for pure drinking water! With us, you get it at every nook in India and that too at an affordable price!


Our Process

Efficient Systems and Stringent Quality Checks Bring You Crystal Clear Water with Healthy Natural Minerals

Eccospark is purity at its best. Our processing system is stringent. Here’s how Eccospark becomes a marvel:

  • Bacteria and virus in groundwater are destroyed by ozonization
  • Highly efficient sand filters remove unhealthy particles; up to 30 microns in size
  • Carbon filters are used to remove odor and colour
  • Reverse osmosis filters out harmful minerals and salt
  • After the aforementioned four steps, the water once again goes through the ozonisation process to ensure zero percent contamination
  • Finally, UV treatment ensures that the water is 100 percent safe and healthy to consume



Healthy drinking water is no longer a luxury with Eccospark but a right of every citizen!

From manufacturing different sizes of bottles to distributing it to suppliers, we take up measures to ensure that our drinking water does not compromise on quality. In addition, our unique packing measures ensure no one duplicates our products.

At Eccospark, we make sure that our distributors are in line with our promise that is to provide healthy drinking water to everyone. Stringent measures are taken up to ensure no duplicate products are produced. If you find any, kindly contact us through the contact us page.


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Contact us with your CV

Eccospark is a culturally and professionally diverse team of committed people to providing refreshing bottled water, with the highest quality standards to Indian consumers. We are a constantly growing company with a variety of products to offer everyone. Every time more people add to our family taking part of our development.

A variety of job opportunities are available in our Home & Office Delivery and Sales divisions. We are looking for career minded people who wants to generate a real impact within a fast-paced, high-energy environment that fosters individual growth and the good company performance.

Contact us with your CV today if you think you have got what it takes. Send CV
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